John Marshall HS Renovations Near Completion Moundsville, WV, August 2015

Plans have been in the works for more than two years, and one phase of the much-needed upgrades at John Marshall High School are nearing completion. A state of the art kitchen, new floors, 14 updated classrooms, and additional parking are just some of the things students get to look forward to when they head back to school next week. Most importantly, a safer campus was the main goal behind this entire project, according to Assistant Superintendent Corey Murphy.

“We have achieved that with stairs that we’ve put inside the front entrance that give access to the students to all three levels,” Murphy said. “We’ve also enclosed the bridge that will be completed in December that connects the two buildings so that students do not have to go outside.” They’ve also expanded classrooms so that teachers no longer have to share, making for a better learning environment. “I’m pleased about that and hopefully everyone will use these improvements for years to come to get a really good quality education,” Retired John Marshall Teacher John Miller said. “We have an excellent staff and and excellent facility and we wish for everyone to make the best of use of it.” A new cafeteria will provide larger selection for the students. “Instead of just having one hot meal there’s going to be several different hot options per day, some cold cut areas, a pizza station, and a very large salad bar too,” Murphy said.

While there is still a lot of construction to look past, the board members were pleased with what they saw. “I think they’ve done an amazing job with it and it’s going to be a wonderful facility once its completed,” John Marshall Alum Duane Miller said.
The full completion is expected to take another year and a half. This is the first time the school has been renovated since it was built in 1968. Students in Marshall County will go back to school on August 27th.