Over 100 years of practice, seven generations of partner leaders, a singular focus of service.

At Silling Architects, we place an extraordinarily high value on client and stakeholder relationships. We understand, at depth, the design and construction process and the untold number of participants involved in conceiving and executing a highly successful project. Managing the process is paramount to design excellence. Our clients find that we both listen and internalize; we both lead and follow; we are both innovative and practical; we respect the constraints of budgets and the demands of schedules, while passionately pursuing meaningful design solutions.

Every project is approached within a highly collaborative culture of design inclusiveness. We are committed to discovering, embracing, and nurturing our client’s vision, and integrating the talents of all stakeholders on the pathway to a critical design solution. Our collaborative nature, approach to powerful relationships, and strategic partnering has allowed us to effectively support a nationwide client base with local service results. We have found that project success is grounded in the leadership of highly active principals coupled with the ideal assignment of experienced project managers, designers, engineers and specialty design consultants tailored to match the unique nature of each project.

We Honor Our Commitments
Architectural design is a complex process whose final response can be driven by an exhaustive number of factors.

Our design approach is a proven methodology; one molded by decades of informed experience that begins in a contemplative search for a project’s underlying story, or thesis.

Our design process seeks a masterful interrelationship of building aesthetics, functionality, and technology in response to client and context. It is both a creative and critical process that emphasizes value and client satisfaction at all levels of the design.

Design Technology


Silling Architects utilizes advanced 3D modeling and design software platforms that enable exceptional design exploration and global building systems integration. The software greatly enhances the client’s capacity to visualize design aesthetics and functionality, while facilitating engineering and construction collaboration.

We also employ 3D printing technology in the development of physical study and presentation models, examining massing, proportion, and relationship within each project’s context.

Our Mission

To pour ourselves into each design effort with both expert leadership and servant humility, creating places that add value to their context and improve the lives of the people they serve.

Our Vision

To deliver an architecture of meaning for projects of all types and provide equal access to design excellence to people of all walks of life and civic engagement.

Award-Winning Design

Since 2004, Silling Architects has been recognized with an unprecedented number of design awards bestowed by various chapters of the American Institute of Architects, including 11 Honor Awards for Excellence in Architecture – the highest level of recognition.  These accolades serve as a testament to Silling’s unwavering dedication to design excellence and the collaborative spirit of the firm’s talented team.

More importantly, they speak to the incredible clients we have been honored to serve and the inspirational missions of their work.  We have loved telling your stories through design!

100 Years of Silling History

1902 H. Rus Warne ARCHITECT
1921 Studio of Warne,Tucker & Patteson
1921 Charleston City Hall, WV - H. Rus Warne
1928 Warne, Tucker, Silling & Hutchinson
1936 Warne,Tucker & Silling
1950 C. E. Silling & Associates
1969 National Bank of Commerce
1970 WVU Coliseum
1973 WV Science & Culture Center
1977 Silling Associates
2000 Silling Principals Jody Driggs and Tom Potts
2015 Re-branded as Silling Architects
2020 2nd Studio Location Opened Downtown Orlando, FL