How can a historic urban library be reimagined to become more relevant?

Kanawha County Public Library

How can sustainability and resiliency inform the design of a community health clinic?

Cabin Creek Health

“Architecture is not the picture, it’s the frame. Life is the picture.”

Silling Architects is a design-oriented architectural, planning, and interiors firm that is intensely committed to passionate service and a comprehensive response to our clients’ distinct needs.  We are fascinated with the study of place and time, informing a design process that adds relevance and meaning to our clients’ stories. We are a legacy architectural firm with beginnings back in 1902, decades of service to seven generations of Americans and showcase a rich variety of building types where we live, work, and play.

With award winning expertise in diverse and specialized markets nationwide, our goal is to inspire and empower the lives, neighborhoods, and communities that encounter our work.

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