Justice & Gvmt

Cabarrus County Courthouse


New Construction
Exterior Renovations
Interior Renovations


Concord, NC


312,000 gsf


Merit Award - AIA West Virginia

The Cabarrus County Board of Commissioners recognize that their courthouse campus is foundational to the collective memory of the place of Concord, North Carolina and an iconic cultural asset of its residents. There was great insistency that the new courthouse addition serving this dynamically growing community would remain a part of the courthouse square. The resulting design solution is built on the transformation of Means Avenue into a rich urban plaza, turning an under-utilized one-way street into a pedestrian space for social and civic engagement.


Situated within this new urban plaza, the public entry space serving the new courthouse addition will be a connective element, addressing Union Street to the south and Church Street to the north. The new courthouse plaza will serve as an artery for pedestrian movement and economic energy that will drive sensitive urban revitalization for decades to come.

As an experienced facility manager, I strongly recommend Silling Architects and their approach to court planning and programming. They have deeply invested themselves in the Cabarrus County Courthouse and understand the courthouse operations at depth.

Kyle Bilafer, Cabarrus County, NC