Justice & Gvmt

Delaware County Courthouse


New Construction


Delaware, OH


166,300 gsf


Citation Award - AIA West Virginia

Justice planners and designers at Silling Architects like to refer to courtrooms as “the perfect room.” In delivering equal justice under the law to all people, courtrooms must be spatially correct, appropriately lit, and acoustically tuned to support the ceremonial and procedural processes of the courts. Today, technology provides designers and court users ever-improving tools to be seamlessly integrated into the architecture of space to support the mission of justice.


The new Delaware County Courthouse in Central Ohio is an exceptional example of security and audio-visual systems functionally yet discretely merged within the traditional components and furnishings of the court to maximize efficacy and safety. Whether used for in-person hearings and proceedings, audio-visual connection to remote detention facilities, or connecting private party plaintiffs, defendants, and attorneys affected by Covid-19, industry-leading technology integration is paramount to the success of the modern courtroom.

All of the expertise, vision, creativity, and responsiveness that was seen in their proposal and interviews has been delivered in our courthouse project.

Jon Melvin - Delaware County, OH