Cultural, Live/Work/Play

Young Life Wildridge Camp – Camper Dorms


New Construction


Nicholas County, WV


10,200 gsf

Situated on the rim of the Gauley River Gorge, Young Life camp aspires to provide teens with the best week of their lives. Inspired by the dramatic landscape of the gorge carved by the world-class rapids below, the architecture of the WildRidge camp looks to connect with young people through a less predictable and more current design language. It takes on a relevant identity that speaks to the hopeful future of the Appalachian wilderness and the people it can serve.


A material and texture palette inspired by vernacular materials of the region, allowed to weather and grow in character with age, speaks to the spirit of place. The design solutions of the camp center building are meant to sit lightly on the land, and a theme of “rustic minimalism” is explored to create a timeless yet contemporary experience that resonates with teens and the iconic landscape of the site. Each Camper Dorm will serve 96 young people as they experience the greatest week of their life!