Summit Welcome Center – Boy Scouts of America


New Construction


Mt. Hope, WV


29,000 gsf


Merit Award - AIA West Virginia

Silling Architects was awarded the AIA Merit Award for Achievement in Architecture for the Summit Welcome Center in Mt. Hope, WV. The center is the literal and visual gateway into Summit Bechtel Reserve, a national Scouting center focused on changing young people’s lives through training, education, leadership, and high adventure. Experientially, the Welcome Center will serve as a point of orientation and begin the educational experience of appreciating the landscape, utilizing and enjoying its resources, while leaving only footprints.


The interior spaces include a local gallery with access and views to the grand promenade and overlook pavilion as well as retail space for locally sourced products. Materially, the buildings are formed through a simple palette of naturally occurring, locally quarried sandstone with hemlock and black locust timber.