Justice & Gvmt

Palm Bay City Hall Building E


New Construction


Palm Bay, FL


39,500 gsf

The City of Palm Bay, Florida selected Silling to design and build an addition to its existing Malabar Road City Hall Campus. The primary occupants of the building include the Building Department and the Utilities Department Customer Service Division.  The building was also developed with an additional open floor plate to accommodate future use for other City departments or potential swing space needed for renovation of other City Hall Campus buildings.

The new 39,500 square foot administrative services facility will include modern office space, meeting rooms, employee break room space, customer-service lobby, records storage, and provide additional public and staff parking. Silling met with the City’s stakeholders and conducted the necessary research to determine the building’s programmatic requirements and compiled and submitted a Palm Bay City Hall Building E Space Program Document to the City for review and comment, made requested revisions, and provided a final document and presentation to the City’s Project Manager and City Council. This preliminary effort established the overall project requirements and provided sufficient scope and budget information for project prioritization, review, and approval.