Clearwater Gardens


New Construction
Urban Redevelopment


Clearwater, FL


78-Unit Apartment Building

Situated on a prominent 2.3 acre site in the city’s Gateway District, the Clearwater Gardens Project represents a dynamic and relevant development model for modern, urban living. The three-story housing concept re-establishes an appropriate street edge on the now vacant property, and the rhythm and order of individual apartment units explore layering, proportions, and permeability to animate the immediate context and bring a renewed walkability to the neighborhood.


The stacked order and efficiency of the housing units include private outdoor balconies for upper level units, vertically marking the opportunity for private walk-in entries to the ground-level apartments from the street and rear parking areas. The public entry parlor and upper-level elevator lobbies and lounges are placed at the dominant site corner to be in dialogue with the downtown district, providing a small pedestrian entry plaza at the street and a large indoor amenity space and outdoor covered roof terrace for views to the Clearwater sunsets. The gateway site announces itself to the east with richly detailed and landscaped outdoor spaces zoned for both larger or more intimate gathering, outdoor dining, and relaxation.

This market-rate housing concept is developed with sensitivity to the immediate district’s income demographics and rent ranges and is offered as an attainable, affordable housing opportunity less than a mile walk from the marina park.