Young Life WildRidge Camp, Camper Dorms

Inspired by the authenticity of people and place, and responsive to the dramatic river and ledge features of the landscape, the architectural concept proposed by Silling Architects for these projects takes on a rustic minimalist character meant to sit lightly on the WildRidge Camp property.  Simple and regionally contextual building forms, expressively honest detailing, and an intentional, natural weathering of locally familiar materials combine to communicate an iconic sense of place appropriate to the Gauley River Gorge rim.

The building entry portal addresses the ridgeline camp commons area and propels users out above the valley beyond, arriving to enter a glass box lounge space perched in the tree canopy.  The simple material palette consists of exposed concrete, oxidized steel, and hemlock wood harvested from the property’s development.

Each Camper Dorm will serve 96 young people as they experience the greatest week of their life.


Young Life


Nicholas County, WV


Details Coming Soon


New Construction


Recreation, Worship