Dixon Hughes Goodman

This project was a complete renovation of an entire 12,750 square foot floor of an office building in downtown Charleston. Silling worked closely with representatives of DHG to develop a tenant fit-out plan that fit with their corporate philosophy, personnel and vision of how their new space should function. Through this process it was determined that a portion of the existing private office spaces could be kept in their existing configuration as a means of controlling cost. The remaining portion of the floor plate was demolished in order to create new additional offices, conference rooms, kitchen, private client meeting rooms, an open office area, and collaboration area.

The DHG philosophy is that their office space acts as an attractive recruiting tool for the firm and while breaking the stereotype of what an accounting firm is like, sets them apart from the field of other similar firms looking for young talent. One space that sets the office apart is the collaboration area. The vision for this space was to create an open area where “purposeful collisions” would occur that allowed employees from different segments within the office to have informal, impromptu meetings to share information, get mentoring advice from senior staff members over coffee and provide informal touchdown space with wireless access for other employees who may be traveling from other offices. A coffee bar mixed with high-top tables and soft lounge seating creates a relaxed environment to encourage these interactions.  Offices that are located adjacent to the collaboration area have full glass fronts to allow for those who occupy the workstations in the open office to share daylight and views to the outside.

Another key component unique to the DHG philosophy is the blue sky room. This space is used for meetings with clients who are looking for innovative ways to increase the value of their companies. Lounge type seating that can be configured in multiple ways and an entire wall covered with projection friendly dry-erase wall covering allows for any “sky is the limit” ideas to be recorded at any time by any of the participants without the need for paper.

The stripes in the carpet provide a background datum for the overall organization of the newly created space and follow organizational axes.  The stripes draw focus through the open spaces to the outside.  A color change at the crossing of the axes signifies traffic “nodes” that also help to break up the length of corridor along the solid walls of private perimeter offices.

The overall design concept and its execution represent a successful collaboration with DHG in aligning with the vision of this nation-wide firm and its focus on providing an inviting and exciting work environment.


2016 AIAWV Honor Award for Excellence in Architecture


Dixon Hughes Goodman


Charleston, WV


12,750 gsf