Glenn Savage


Charleston, WV


What songs are on your playlist?
80s & 90s rock/pop

Favorite Band or Musician?

What was the last picture you took with your phone?
Niece and nephews learning to ski at Snowshoe.

Glenn has been inspecting and administering construction projects throughout West Virginia for over eighteen years. His diverse experience in construction oversight includes educational, justice, healthcare, banking, law enforcement, recreational, and residential building types.

He is responsible for facilitating preconstruction meetings providing clear definition of project goals and owner expectations, reviewing contractor submittals, product samples, and shop drawings for conformance to the contract drawings and specifications, attending progress meetings to maintain clear communication with builders, observing installation of materials and systems to verify their conformance with the design intent, and monitoring the project schedule. His attention to detail and his thorough understanding of how buildings should go together give him strong construction administration abilities.

Glenn was born and raised in Charleston WV.  He still resides in Charleston with his wife Jill.  His career has given him the opportunity to visit almost every community in the great state of WV.  He enjoys outdoor hobbies such as hiking, road & mountain biking, and skiing.  He enjoys spending time with family.  His favorite travel plans include ski weekends, cruises, and trips to South Carolina.