West Virginia State University – Downtown Media Center

Silling Associates, Inc. developed the feasibility study of the Proposed Downtown Media Center for West Virginia State University. This 24,500 square foot facility will house the Master Degree Program in Media Studies and establish a much needed presence of higher education in the central business district of Charleston.

The architectural language of the building form reacts to the incredible movement of the interstate at its northwestern edge. The spherical, tectonic, overlapping layers of metal panels, high performance glazing, solar mesh, and architectural lights creates a visually engaging façade at the infinite, high speed view angles and is symbolic of a high-tech protective shell.

Oppositely, the regular form of the Capitol Street façade responds directly to the urban infill context of the central business district. The visual energy of the facility is meant to be expressive of the art of media and its production, which speaks to the highest level of creative thought and is both inspiring to and attractive to prospective students.


West Virginia State University


Institute, WV


24,500 gsf


New Construction