Union County Courthouse

In 2017, Silling Architects developed a Courts and Law Enforcement Space Planning and Facility Improvement Feasibility Study concerning the historic Union County Courthouse, Justice Center, and future Sheriff’s Office. Union County is experiencing significant growth and an increase in court caseload resulting in the need for an additional Common Pleas judge within the next five to seven years. Our firm’s study focused on pursuing a responsible approach to the analysis of existing and projected space and related fiscal planning. With review and approval of the Study by the County’s Board of Commissioners, it was determined that a multi-phased expansion and renovation of the courthouse would meet both the short and long term needs for the County’s judicial and law enforcement needs. For the first phase of the expansion, approval was given for the acquisition of an adjacent former bank building which will serve as the home for the County’s Prosecuting Attorney. An expanded and secured Courthouse entrance will also be completed in Phase One.

The first project for phase one is the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office. Silling Architects designed a renovation and addition to a former one story bank building that is located adjacent to the Courthouse Complex. Working closely with the Union County Prosecutor, the office was designed with security at the forefront, as well as several aesthetic features requested by the owner.

To maximize security, the access control and camera locations were carefully designed, as well as office windows equipped with bullet-resistant windows and frames. The landscaping surrounding the brick building was designed discreetly with boulders and lighted bollards to prevent vehicular attack. Since the existing building lies on the edge of a residential community, it was important for the addition to maintain the residential aesthetic, as well as create an identity within the Courthouse complex, which is a pillar in the community.

A newly expanded courthouse entrance is also included in the first phase of the Courthouse expansion. The historic Courthouse is a jewel of the community, so the addition was designed with careful detailing to complement it’s historic character. The transparency of full-height glazing creates a welcome environment for visitors. The expanded area allows for the security personnel to fully vet visitors before entering the facility, as well as providing a back door for security to enter the existing sheriff’s office. In addition to the entrance, a plaza was designed to extend into the parking area. The plaza includes complimentary stone seat walls, landscaping, and lighted bollards for vehicular barriers. Parking spaces are also relocated to allow for upgraded ADA paths to the entrance.


Union County Board of Commissioners


Marysville, OH




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