Star USA Federal Credit Union

Star USA Federal Credit Union is a young financial institution recently open to public membership in West Virginia, originally chartered for employees of Columbia Gas. The organization’s goal was to establish a contemporary image that relates to its original corporate headquarters and appeals to a youthful and emerging consumer market. This project consisted of a 5,000 square foot single-story two-tenant structure located in St. Albans, West Virginia. The design solution utilizes masonry and curtainwall construction to reflect the systems of the corporate headquarters, while the bowstring trusses and clerestory components introduce a signature architectural element to be used in this and subsequent branch facilities.

The linear procession of curved trusses define both the internal and external customer spaces and form the primary, and most dynamic, building mass. They create a well-lit, high-volume tectonic space of contemporary materials reinforcing the design goals. The clear separation of solid and void through the use of brick and glazing emphasize the tenant spaces, and are symbolic of the solidity of banking and the accessibility of professional service.


2004 AIAWV Honor Award for Excellence in Architecture


Star USA Federal Credit Union


St. Albans, WV


5,000 gsf


New Construction