Mount Olive Correctional Complex

Mount Olive is West Virginia’s primary correctional facility with a capacity of 800 adult male inmates. It is a 425,000 sf campus of fifteen buildings arranged in a classic fan shape arrangement inside a secure compound. The building inventory included medium, maximum and minimum security housing with typical support facilities such as education, recreation, prison industries, kitchen and dining, visitation, intake and classification, medical, and administration. The 80-acre former strip mine site which had uncontrolled mine overburden fill had been deep mined below, requiring extensive study and engineering to design several different foundation structural systems. The infrastructure and support services were designed for future growth and can accommodate 240 additional beds when needed.

“The Mount Olive complex is not extravagant; it is something totally different. The beauty lies in a public building which constitutes the best evidences of the character of material, success and solidarity, culture and true civilization of the State of West Virginia. It is a stoic and durable structure; proof positive of our great faith and devotion, spirit and values.” –Gregory K. Lipscomb, Upper Kanawha Valley Economic Development Authority


WV Division of Corrections


Mt. Olive, WV


425,000 gsf


New Construction