Harrison County General Services Annex

Silling Architects was commissioned to design a new courthouse annex for the Harrison County Commission. What was initially planned as a new building to house their court operations, the Commission decided during the early design stages to preserve their courtrooms in the historic courthouse and move their administrative functions to the new building. The new Harrison County General Services Administrative Annex will house the County Clerk’s Office, Assessor’s Office, Sheriff Tax Office, Planning, County Commission, Community Corrections, and several other administrative functions.  The site is located diagonally from the historic courthouse.

The design solution proposes the integration of the new three-story building into the downtown fabric. Several key visual components from the surrounding Italianate Renaissance style buildings, including tall first floor windows, symmetrical windows, and a tower,  are carried over into the modern and formal exterior aesthetic. The horizontality of the structure nods in the direction of the existing courthouse, and relief from the road is provided on the northwest corner to allow for pedestrian traffic and congregation between the annex and the courthouse.

The floor plan is organized around a central core with elevator and public restrooms. A two-story lobby space greets visitors and provides natural light into the central corridor. The first floor also occupies a day report center that utilizes their own outside entrance, and has no public entrance from inside the building. The remainder of the first floor is occupied by the County Clerk’s office. The second floor is occupied by the Assessor, Sheriff’s Tax, and Planning offices. The third floor is housed by the County Commission with shell space designed within the third floor to allow for future growth.  A lower basement level features a secure staff parking area, Voter’s Registration storage (with loading dock), County Clerk storage, staff break room & kitchen, and mechanical space.


Harrison County Commission


Clarksburg, WV


72,000 gsf


New Construction