West Virginia University Coliseum

Designed by C.E. Silling & Associates (now Silling Architects), the $10.5 million West Virginia University Coliseum was the first of its kind upon its completion in 1970. With all concrete ribs connected to concrete pillars on the outside of the arena to form a compression ring to hold up the poured-in-place dome was something that had never been attempted before. Having he pillars on the outside of the stadium was key in the mind of the architects because this meant that there were no columns on the inside of the structure for an unobstructed view of the floor from every seat in the house.

The dome spans four and a half acres and stand 157 feet above the floor, and the building has seating for 14,000. Another added perk was the natural light from the many windows that were formed due to the corrugated shape of the roof. The first event in the space was a performance by the Grand Funk Railroad, which was attended by more than 12,500 people.

The Coliseum received a major architectural design award for being the “Outstanding Concrete Structure of the Year” by the Pittsburgh Chapter of the American Concrete Institute. In 2008, the Coliseum was recognized for “Awe-Inspiring Architecture” as one of the state’s top architectural masterpieces.


West Virginia University


Morgantown, WV


14,000 Seating Capacity


New Construction


Education, Recreation