Marshall University Visual Arts Center

The team of Silling Associates and Polshek Partnership was selected to plan, program, and design a new, 35,000 square foot addition to the existing 1992 Edwards Performing Arts Center.  With the scattering of the University’s arts facilities across the campus, the new Visual Arts Center would bring all of the department’s arts, academic, faculty, and administration under one roof.

Elements which will impact the design solution include formal axis, adjacent building scale and fabric, pedestrian and vehicular traffic, building entrances, open plazas, views, parking, and service accessibility. Art “process” in the classroom is oriented toward the vein of student procession back and forth from the residential district to the campus center.  Production, in both studios and display galleries, are focused on major public plazas and urban corners.


Marshall University


Huntington, WV


35,000 gsf


Additions, Renovations