Marsh Library Renovation

Renovations to Marsh Library are funded from a portion of the $5.6 million East Bond Funding provided by The Higher Education Policy Commission. Exterior improvements include a new EPDM roof and a new front entry porch/stairs of Indiana limestone, with brick and bluestone accents.

Interior improvements include restoring the clerestory windows in the upper portion of the library which were infilled during a prior renovation. The library’s archives will be relocated to the lower level and a new waterless fire protection system will be completed to protect its valuable contents.

A special precision heating and cooling system will also be installed to control humidity in the archive area. HVAC improvements include installation of air conditioning heating and air (the building previously was not air conditioned). Conditioning will be accomplished by the installation of a variable refrigerant flow (VRF) system using the existing boiler for supplemental heat.

Electrical improvements include a larger service entrance to serve the new HVAC systems. Life safety will be enhanced with the installation of a new fire alarm system.


Concord University


Princeton, WV




Exterior Renovations, Interior Renovations