Chesapeake Energy Regional Field Operations Center

Chesapeake Energy’s move to the Appalachian Basin created the need for satellite field offices to support local activities throughout West Virginia, Kentucky, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. Chesapeake is the most active driller of natural gas in West Virginia. Depending on the location and the area’s need, these field offices have administrative, production and maintenance components.

The offices follow the prototypes established by the field offices in the Oklahoma area. They are pre-engineered metal buildings to facilitate quick construction. The comparison to traditional metal buildings stops at the façade of the buildings. These are not the typical metal “garage” structures people usually associate with metal buildings. The exterior façade or skin of the buildings consists of the special galvalume-coated corrugated metal to reflect the heritage of the gas drilling industry. The windows are heavy duty commercial aluminum single-hung windows. This exterior look is the Chesapeake identity. The interior of the administrative offices is constructed in an open floor plan which allows quick modifications as needed to adjust to current needs. The finishes, both exterior and interior, are low-maintenance with high-tech applications. The individual offices are equipped with stylish casework and high speed Internet and communication connections.

The building systems, HVAC, electrical and plumbing are designed for each location to be energy efficient. The maintenance buildings have overhead cranes for lifting large drilling components and wash bays to clean the drilling equipment. The wash bays have environmentally friendly recycling systems to clean contaminants from the waste stream. There is also an emphasis on the landscaping to match the surrounding environment.

The multi-phased project included fifteen sites throughout four states and 36 buildings totaling over 560,000 gross square feet of office and shop buildings. Each phase represents the operations of company subsidiaries including drill rigging, trucking, piping, engineering, managers and accountants. As these satellite field offices are completed, they will be a very visible sign of Chesapeake Energy’s presence across the Appalachian Basin.


Chesapeake Energy Corporation


West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, & Ohio


Combined 560,000 gsf


New Construction