Charleston Civic Center Expansion Design Concept

Although the design-build proposal was not selected, Silling played a key role on its’ team’s submission for the recent Charleston Civic Center Expansion and Renovation Project. Working with DLR Group in Overland Park, KS, our firm leaders stood shoulder to shoulder with some of the nation’s most talented convention center experts in developing a concept responsive to the iconography and identity of our river valley.

The architectural concept behind the new building additions abstracts the organic, natural landscape of West Virginia and speaks into the specific urban development of Charleston where the Kanawha and Elk Rivers have converged at their paths throughout the hills and mountains of the region. The building expresses the powerful relationship of earth and water that defines place and captures the natural setting identity of our city.

These overlapping layers represented by a combination of individually and organically textured, shifting solid masses in contrast with the widely varied rhythm of transparent glass create a composition that is a wonderfully organic study of solid and void. Illuminated from within, the visual crescendo of transparency of the envelope, revealing itself shifting and moving to the influence of these organic and rigid edges of the river and its city context. The exterior architecture gives way and reveals the hidden internal layer and movement of the building and its identifiable volumes and surfaces. Our goal is to reinforce the strong brand of Wild and Wonderful set within the modern and sophisticated urban core of Charleston.


City of Charleston


Charleston, WV


146,600 gsf - New Construction
105,500 gsf - Renovations


Design Competition Submission, New Construction, Renovations