Cabin Creek Health Systems

Silling Architects was commissioned by Cabin Creek Health Systems to design a new health clinic to serve the Sissonville, WV community, replacing a facility that was lost to a fire.  Our design team was inspired by the support CCHS received from local residents, who donated time, resources, and space to get their clinic operational within days of the loss.  Eventually, the Sissonville Health Clinic staff relocated into the former Bonham Elementary School facility, which had been abandoned due to repeated flooding.  During their short time of occupancy, CCHS has been burdened with continued interruption, damage, and stress of additional flooding and the associated clean-up, repair, and restart.  Invested in the families of Sissonville, CCHS secured USDA and HRSA funding and is readying to break ground on the new 10,600 SF facility to be located prominently on Route 21 near the town’s core.

Through the perspective of loss and hardship, and with great commitment to serve, the notions of sustainability and resilience have informed the programming and design of the new clinic.  A more comprehensive offering of medical assistance and services will be provided, including general medical examination and treatment, behavioral health services, dental treatment, and pharmaceutical care in a consolidated facility.  Financial consultation and assistance programs are highlighted in the administrative spaces, and the public area includes a purposefully multi-use community room space to serve education, training, and outreach needs for the users and staff with video conferencing capabilities to connect to the greater CCHS network – and the world.

The building envelope, mechanical systems, and electrical distribution and lighting are designed with higher performance in mind, and the critical systems and spaces in the facility are served by emergency power to allow for continued operation through future natural and synthesized interruptions.  Building siting and orientation, as well as fenestration placement and the use of insulated translucent panels maximize interior spatial quality through natural light and view.  The overall building design aesthetic speaks to the duality of the organic natural setting, palette, and tone of the Kanawha Valley against a highly machined, ordered framework symbolic of modern healthcare and medical advancement – all depicted with an underlying warmth responsive to the level of care delivered by Cabin Creek Health Systems to the people of Sissonville.


2018 AIAWV Honor Award for Excellence in Architecture


Cabin Creek Health Systems


Sissonville, WV


10,600 gsf


New Construction


Community, Healthcare, Workplace