Buchanan County Courthouse

The downtown of Grundy, VA was recently overhauled with a four-lane highway doubling as a dike to prevent the flood ravaged downtown from further devastation.  The existing courthouse and a few other structures are all that remains after the necessary demolition of the entire riverside commercial district due to flood damage.  Working with Silling, the county weighed heavily the many design options to establish the best way to start anew while effectively meeting their intense demands for court and administrative program area.  Due largely to the deteriorating conditions and disrepair of the old courthouse, it was determined a new 50,480 sf facility was the best approach to achieve the most functional and efficient end result.

The new courthouse will include Revenue & Tax, Treasurer, Commonwealth Attorney, Circuit Court Clerk, District Court Clerk, and County administrative office departments.  Circuit and Domestic Courtrooms are located on the upper level with supporting judges’ chambers and secure holding cells with interview rooms.

Secure judges’ parking and access to the chambers are provided through separate vertical circulation pieces from the general public.  A lower level vehicular sallyport and adjacent central holding cells also have an isolated elevator for transport of detainees to the upper level holding courtroom entries.

The exterior character recalls the original courthouse’s Italianate flair with a well-balanced integration of contemporary features.  The town’s beacon remains the corner campanile which now signifies an outdoor entry pavilion.  The tower base houses a symbolic statue reflecting a catastrophic mine disaster from the town’s past.  It is with great appreciation and respect that Silling intends to capture the resilience of this locale.  It is of immense importance to provide the people of Grundy a bright new beginning with a centerpiece symbol of justice and a nod to its prideful past.


Buchanan County Board of Supervisors


Grundy, VA


50,480 gsf


New Construction