Over 100 Years of Practice.
Seven Generations of Partner Leaders.
A Singular Focus of Service.

Our History

Architectural success is measured by vision and an unwavering dedication to excellence. This axiom was the philosophical birth of Silling Associates Incorporated by H. Rus Warne in 1902. Following the lead of partners like Warne and its namesake, Cy Silling, the firm today has the proud distinction of being the oldest continuing architectural firm in West Virginia and one of the oldest in the eastern United States. Throughout, Silling Associates has woven itself into the very fabric of West Virginia, providing planning and architectural services that have touched the lives of virtually every citizen and delivering landmark projects collectively defining its built environment. Whether through its early century beaux arts and neo-classical collection, its mid-century modern and post-modern portfolio, or its current contextual vocabulary, Silling has always been renowned as one of the premier architectural firms in the state. Today, Silling Associates continues to have a powerful impact on the regions’ architectural landscape through fresh, yet solid design and responsible project management.

Who We Are Today

A past principal at Silling once commented that virtually every West Virginian has been touched by at least one of the buildings designed by our firm. In fact, that’s probably true, and we remain proud that this diversity of experience holds true to the design capabilities of our staff today. We believe our architects, designers, and technical staff have the talent, research, and listening capacity to provide solutions for ANY challenge. At the same time, we have developed an expertise in several rewarding building typologies centered around justice, worship, higher education, office, and custom residential markets. Silling offers a wonderfully diverse staff of senior partners, talented architects and designers, modeling and production specialists, and construction administration professionals. While the size and efficiency of our staff is such to produce very large and complex design projects, we remain a firm focused on design, innovation, and the highly collaborative studio model. Every project we undertake benefits from the perspective of a simultaneously creative, experienced, innovative, and tested group of design professionals.




Most importantly, we bring an intimate understanding and appreciation for the need to have an architect that you can trust and that is unquestionably working with your best interests in mind. While we are very proud of the architectural solutions we have sought in partnership with our clients, we are most proud of the level of service we have provided and, above all, humbled by the level of trust we have earned from the people we serve.