Jody Driggs


Charleston, WV


If you weren’t an architect, what might you be?
If I weren’t an architect, I’d be unemployed … at least long enough to try and figure out what could possibly be as satisfying.  The servant and scientist in me might like to give the medical profession a go.  The entrepreneur in me might think about opening a little neighborhood pub.  I love meeting all sorts of motivated people, and could imagine traveling the globe as a marketing professional for a company who’s mission or product makes a difference.  I loved my time in college working in residence life, the energy of a campus, as well as the idea of learning for a lifetime, and would have a blast as a professor – or a perpetual student.  And the art and music lover in me could probably be happy exploring any number of ways of communicating the world around us in whatever medium made the most sense.

Fortunately for me, architecture in a way allows me to sort of be all of these things and I’ve never had to choose.

Best book you’ve read recently?
Accidental Saints by Nadia Bolz-Weber

Jody is a twenty-year member of Silling Associates and has served as a Principal since 2001. His primary focus within the firm is instilling a special notion of service and care in the way that we practice, rooted in a humility responsive to the level of trust our clients have in us. Jody’s desire to serve exceptionally is a driving force in the studio’s constant efforts of innovation and improvement.

Jody also serves as an active design architect and project manager and appreciates the firm’s opportunities to develop solutions for a diverse and ever-expanding client base. He seeks to understand the people within each project, and the stories that project means to tell, in order to customize a design team and engage in a discourse unique to every opportunity. The variety of both building typologies but more importantly, architectural language and character, are evidence of his and the firm’s approach to client-centeredness and critical design.

In addition to his leadership in service and design, Jody also manages the daily operational and financial aspects of the firm alongside his wife and office manager, Rachel. Together, they enjoy working to develop a more casual family culture within the studio while also ensuring the financial resilience of the corporation.

Beyond Silling, Jody is a long-standing executive committee member of the West Virginia Chapter of the American Institute of Architects and has served as Director, Treasurer, Vice-President/President Elect, and President. He currently serves as a member of the AIAWV Scholarship Committee where he is committed to supporting young people who will make a difference in our State. He is the chair and founder of WVArchiPAC, advocating for improved public policy that benefits all West Virginians through appropriate design.

Jody and Rachel adore their three children, Zach, Nick, and Hannah, and their time with them revolving around extended family, travel, and friends. Jody loves all kinds of sports, music, and food, which makes for all kinds of connections with all kinds of great people.